#65 – Jack’s Out In Wenger Clear Out


Giles (@GoonerManN5) hosts the regular weekday crew of Clive (@clivepafc), Mark (@mzk90), and Woz (@wozthegooner) to chat about the transfer window and the surprises it brought at the end.

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One Response to “#65 – Jack’s Out In Wenger Clear Out

  • my first visit to your podcast left me thinking you could do better. A long discussion about how Wilshere would be best kept at Arsenal and yet very little discussion about who sits out . If you have ozil, sanchez, xhaka, and ramsey starting that leaves 1 midfield spot for cazorla, elneny, ox, coquelin, iwobi, walcott, and occasionally perez (as winger). Your comments reminded me of NBA AllStar talk of adding in deserving players but never discussing who gets dropped. Certainly Jack has great attributes but we have not seen them consistently and occasional minutes are not likely to get us what we would love to see, a dominant roving confident and fit Wilshere. Hopefully he gets in great shape and can be that “new signing” that Wenger likes to refer to when (injured) players return. Wilshere would add a little to this years chances but an inspired Wilshere could be great for next year. Also, you discussed the fact that we do not get the most of Ramsey. While playing Ramsey on the left may add something to his game I had hoped to hear how we could tactically get the best out of him, for the most the talk was about what position he plays and didn’t do service to your knowledge or your listeners.

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