Power shift? Not quite but let’s put some pride back into the club

They talked about a power shift, they talked about us being seven points behind them if we lost, they even gave us the best odds we have ever had against them – yet Arsenal won the game, won the next game and the game after and are now four points ahead of their North London neighbours.

‘Easy Easy Easy’, they said at the Emirates when the fourth goal went in, which was more in response to Spurs rather than Huddersfield who came to the emirates and packed out the away end and their supporters kept singing even at five down.

A solid win at home to Spurs, a perhaps slightly fortunate (despite it being a clear pen, no matter what anyone says) win at Burnley in the last minute followed by a pretty convincing 5-0 win against Huddersfield.

With results going our way over the last week or so, we can actually look up rather than down which is extremely positive and a good position to be in considering we’ve lost four games this season. There’s been a lot of noise around Arsenal, some of it perhaps justified but a lot of it hasn’t been.

Arsenal have been accused of lacking ‘cojones’, been told none of their players would get into the Spurs team, been told sending a GIF of a player having a cup of tea is wrong, been told they have no chance of getting back into the top four and we’ve even seen the current criticised for not attending the 89 film premiere (despite many being on international duty) – it seems the world has it against Arsenal at the moment.

But all this has actually had quite a positive effect on the fan base – it has ironically, ‘united’ the fans. There has been a sense of wanting to support and back the club in recent weeks. Perhaps the appointments of the field have also helped show that Arsenal has a plan, a succession plan. Ivan Gazidis’s catalyst of change comment may have some truth – The Arsenal seems to be changing and planning for life post Wenger (whenever that is).

Manchester United come to Arsenal in pretty good shape having pretty much qualified for the next stage of the Champions League and in second place but Arsenal are also hot – the Emirates Stadium has been something of a fortress this season, the defence who have played together six time have not conceded yet and an attack, even minus Lacazette that is starting to really gel.

The question remains, will Jose come and park the bus or will he come to win? A lot depends on the ambitions of Manchester United, do they believe they can win the title? If so, they must come and win at the Emirates considering City are expected to beat West Ham. If they believe it’s a season to early for them, they may be happy with a draw and therefore park the bus – the team line up should provide some insight but the first five or ten minutes of the game will tell us all we need to know.

The atmosphere at the Emirates has been much better recently with the Spurs game the high point but believe me, an early goal and the Emirates will be rocking under flood lights and who wouldn’t want to see Wenger get one over Jose?

Up The Arsenal.

Akhil Vyas

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