No Halloween shocks please!

Phew! That was an eventful week and a much needed result to cap it off. It was so Arsenal-esque – starting off the game well, taking control of the proceedings and then (BANG!) conceding, against the run of play, in a counter attack! These slip-ups need real Cech-ing. Getting one-nil down against a defensively astute and a less fancied opponent. Then finding it difficult to break their bus down, making things tensed in the stands. And then coming up with another defensive mishap – the pattern is quite familiar, no? Well, our No 33 ‘sead’ he was having none of that, and came up with an excellent save to spare the blushes of our captain. That was quite an escape.

In the second half, though, we were slightly different from Deeney’s image of us. Scoring two quick goals, against a team who’ve conceded just ONE goal in away games prior to this visit, inside the opening quarter takes some doing! A nicely taken goal and then an assist, in a magnificiently crafted move, from ‘The Tank’ was enough to drown the Swans. Three points were bagged and the end was relatively mild, unlike our midweek event.

About midweek, that was quite an eventful Annual General Meeting. Same board memebers were re-elected, the much anticipated talk, from our owners, never came. And perhaps, our Chairman took ‘the cojones’ remark quite sincerely! He didn’t lack, there, any courage to point towards the exclusive interview of our owners, which was already in the public domain. Admirable audacity, Mr. Chairman!

Back on field, here’s an interesting stat – this year’s win percentage is higher than any, in our club’s history! That sounds pretty cracking but it’s partly down to the fact that we’ve pulled ourselves out from drawing Bayern & Co. by – erm, we all know how!

Up next in the Premier League, is a trip to the Eithad.
After having a bumpy first season, this term their Spanish manager, seemingly, has settled down. With controlled buildup, intricate passing and ruthlessness infront of goal – This early, already, City look like the team to beat. They’re, right now, the best team in the country and are bossing the PL like rarely seen, in the recent years. If the idea of Aguero & Co running at Per Mertesacker doesn’t bother you, here are few numbers. After the first ten games, they’ve already scored THIRTY-FIVE goals and have acquired 28 points, in a league as tough as the PL. They average more than 4 goals, in the PL at Etihad. (Happy Halloween!)

Their strikers, as well as midfielders are scoring for fun. Sterling and Sane already have scored 13 times, in between them, so have Aguero and Jesus!
Whereas, Silva and De Bryune both have 6 assists each in the PL. These, along with our recent tradition of collapsing, defensively, in our rivals’ backyards don’t bring forth effervescence, in anticipation.

But then on a given day, any ‘top 6’ team can beat any another one. The fact that their match of the midweek will be more intense than ours, can work in our favour too! “Manchester City are on a good run, but at some stage they’ve to be stopped!” as our manager was quoted saying. Any of these big matches present these wonderful opportunities to put up a show, to remember! Let’s just hope, there won’t be any costly mishaps(Halloween will be OVER, lads), to start the game with!
Maybe, it is time to show that City are good but not quite Invincibles – COYG!

Mehul Patel

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