Away Pain to Stop on Sunday?

Amazing to think we’re at the end of October and The Arsenal have only scored one goal away from home and that was recently in a game which resulted in a loss.

Our performances away from home have been dire – minus one very good display away to the champions. That in itself is baffling – how can a team go to the champion’s back yard (granted they look weaker this season) and put on a performance that made most supporters proud then go to Watford and do that. It’s bizarre but it’s become very much the Arsenal way.

This weekend we go to Everton who have had their own problems – but it would be very Arsenal like to help the poor buggers out! Arsenal went to Everton last season when Everton were struggling, less so then this season but nevertheless struggling and went in at half time one up but after a second half performance where Everton ‘put themselves about’ and ‘let us know they are there’ won the game two goals to one. The crowd in the second half saw a few tackles go in and saw some heart and got behind their team. You wouldn’t bet against the same occurring on Sunday and that’s without thinking about a certain Wayne Rooney, who’s record against us is pretty decent!

There’s no doubt about it, it’s a huge game for both teams – a loss for Everton and the potential of a sacking and a loss for Arsenal and the potential of another #WengerOut protest with fixtures against Manchester City away and Spurs at home to come.

Arsenal had a very good result away from home in Europe on Thursday but you would expect at least nine changes, if not ten with Petr Cech the only survivor but one man’s name keeps cropping up – Jack Wilshere. You would expect Aaron Ramsey to be fit and come straight back in but it was interesting to see Jack Wilshere play further forward on Thursday and with Danny Welbeck potentially out and the futures of Ozil and Sanchez unknown, perhaps Arsene Wenger will be looking to Jack Wilshere to show that heart and commitment in the Premier League. It’s unlikely he will start to be fair after playing 90mins on Thursday and you would expect Sanchez to start and perhaps even Ozil ahead of Iwobi however, we nearly saw Wilshere come on at Watford (and would have if it wasn’t for an injury) and I would bet that we will see Jack play some part on Sunday. He looks sharp and seems to have trained well and got on with it – which seems to have impressed everyone at Arsenal and Jack may get rewarded with some minutes and could potentially be in a position to start the two big games in November if all goes well.

I for one don’t know many people would have a problem with Wilshere playing ahead of Ozil at the moment and despite it providing a headache to boss Arsene Wenger, it may be a way of easing Ozil out with a view to selling him in January as it’s been widely reported.

Time will tell but there seems to be an opportunity for Jack Wilshere and most Arsenal fans hope he grabs it with both hands.

On to Everton on Sunday… Up the Arsenal.

Akhil Vyas

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