Alex Oxlade Chamberlain – What is going on?!


Written by Akhil Vyas


So, Alex Oxlade Chamberlain was on the verge of joining Chelsea, but as I started writing this post (Tuesday night), the news broke that Chelsea wasn’t where he wanted to be. But it seems, most Gooners are okay with him leaving, wherever It may be.

I took a real interest in the situation with the Ox after spending 30mins sat next to him at the Arsenal foundation ball last May (yes I’ve mentioned it a few times but this time, it’s relevant!) but the more I think about it, the writing may have been on the wall by then.

It’s one of them situations where you want to give the benefit of the doubt to a player, especially one that plays for the football club you support and especially when they are sitting right next to you! I remember thinking after quite a long in depth conversation, that he is off but was convinced otherwise by others.

He is a lad clearly obsessed by the centre of Midfield. He has made no secret of it – what has changed is, no one else is really talking about it anymore. We had a period a few years ago when Arsene Wenger said he thought Oxlade Chamberlain’s position long term was central midfield but we haven’t heard much about it since. The Ox made it clear to me, he wants to be there, he feels he can be more involved in the game and can help set the pace of the game. He said on BT Sports after the cup final that he wants to be the next Stevie G. I even tried to convince him that I thought his best position was out wide where he can use his change of speed and ability to find half a yard and cited examples of his two crosses against Manchester United home and away and the semi-final assist at Wembley. But what I meant by that was, he had the potential and hard work over the next season or two could make him a real player there.

That was hint number one that all was not right with the Ox and Arsenal – the second was something a lot more light hearted but when our desserts arrived, the Ox wasn’t keen to eat his and told me about his holiday he is going on after the season ends, and I politely reminded him about the cup final which was in ten days’ time as the focus. I think it would be harsh to say he wasn’t focused on the cup final because he had a blinder but thinking back, was his mind starting to wonder?

The third was on members day at the Emirates stadium – while all eyes were on Alexis Sanchez, I was watching the Ox and I don’t think anyone who was watching him would disagree that he looked like a moody teenager being told he has to play with a certain of friends rather than the ones he actually wants to play with. In between games, he sat on his own (as did Alexis at times but we expect that!) and just didn’t look right. I was in the session where the Ox was one of the players present and seemed fine there and was his usual playful self and seemed happy enough.

I appreciate the mood around him will have changed after Anfield but I’ll remember him as a nice lad, who spent wonderful 30mins at my table talking football which was pleasant – and that perhaps made me want him to succeed even more but it does feel like it could be the right time for him to go and try something new. It would free up Bellerin who can return to his own position which is perhaps one of the positives long term.

But it’s Arsenal we care about and if Chelsea have dropped out, Liverpool will know we have a player that wants to go, has pretty much lost the fans and therefore his potential value may have dropped. It does become an issue for Arsenal.

The scenario I find difficult to accept is if he stays and see’s out his contract – I fear fans will really turn on him every time he does anything even half wrong and that isn’t a nice environment to be in.

The only comeback route at Arsenal is to sign a new contract, prove he is committed to the cause, and put in a shift every time he plays and work hard in training to be the best he can – if he does, he may even get a shot at CM, but at the moment, it’s hard to see this scenario playing out.

If he goes, best of luck to him as a man, but less so as a player (unless he has an England shirt on) because, we’re the Arsenal after all – sometimes things me this may go to the wire.


Up the Arsenal.



Akhil Vyas

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  • My brother in law has his mum as his physio and last year I gave him my Arsenal shirts to get signed she said I would not bother he will be leaving the club soon

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