balls of steel

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“The Kings of late wins, Arsenal does it again!” exclaimed Rob Hawthorne of Sky after the final whistle blew at the Emirates Stadium against Burnley. Our teams in the past have always had a knack of coming back from being a goal or two or four (!) down and salvaging points or winning all of them.  A few that immediately spring to mind are the 5-2 wins against Spurs, that amazing the Carling Cup at Reading when we came from 0-4 down to win the game 5-7, and famously the FA Cup final against Hull City which brought back the silverware to the club.

These comebacks weren’t with regularity in each of those seasons. Somehow though, it seems that in this season we are producing more and more of these comebacks. Finding ourselves in these positions is another thing to be discussed, but we have been resilient enough not to lose. Burnley, home and away, Ludogorets, Man Utd, Bournemouth, Southampton, Preston North End, Stoke and we’ve just crossed the half way mark in the season. The Boss has also come out praising the mental tenacity of his players this season.

What has changed this season? Has Arsene finally decided to address the issue related to lack of leadership in the team? If you look back at the recent signings made by Arsene, you will see a pattern developing. Two seasons back we signed Petr Cech from Chelsea, at the beginning of this season, we brought in Granit Xhaka and Shkodran Mustafi – all natural leaders.

Now there are leaders who don’t require the arm band to take charge of the situations. There are leaders in every position on the pitch. Starting from, Cech in goal, Koscielny and Mustafi in the heart of the defence, Xhaka in the midfield and Alexis leading the line. But it is not only these players who absolutely want to win. Ozil, Coquelin, Monreal, Ramsey, Giroud, Walcott all have shown the desire which was somewhat lacking in the seasons by gone.

Some (all) of these comebacks this season have been absolutely sensational. Draws against United, Bournemouth, PSG and victories against Ludogorets, Burnley home and away, Preston North End and Southampton have been nothing short of thrilling; just showcasing the mentality of the players to go on and fight till the final whistle. All these games and the points earned from losing positions could very well be the difference between finishing top 4 and being crowned champions.

Chelsea, like Leicester last season, has been on another planet this season. We can only hope that they stumble. It was after our 3-0 win against Chelsea at the Emirates, that they went on an almost unstoppable winning run. We turned the tide upwards for Chelsea, can we turn the tide again, this time for our own good. It will be important for us to not look at Chelsea and to concentrate on our own performances and keep getting results.

This win against Burnley brought back the same emotions as after the win against Leicester last season – when Ozil clipped it in and Welbeck scored “the most melodramatic, title turning goal of his dreams.” We somehow stepped off the gas last season, but do we have it in ourselves to go on and keep fighting until the end of the season?



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  • much hope has been induced ,we got more potential to turn an upward tide to us……arsene wenger is aware of where and what position we are #manage and choose ur squad wisely

  • Akshay Karnik
    2 years ago

    Finely penned!

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