Can Arsenal benefit from Ramsey’s Euro Adventure?

On Saturday 25th June, Wales will play Northern Ireland in Paris. This is the first time ever that home nations will play against each other in a European Championship knock-out round. The Welsh have been perhaps the surprise package of this year’s tournament, managing to top a group featuring England, Russia and Slovakia. This is in no small part down to Real Madrid winger Gareth Bale but the Gunners’ very own Aaron Ramsey has been an integral part in their success in France.

AR frustSo far during Euro 2016, Ramsey has completed 121 of his 147 attempted passes, maintaining a 82% pass completion rate. This is by no means the greatest in the tournament but is equal to that of Thomas Muller and Dele Alli. However, in the Premier League season just gone, Ramsey completed 86.1% of his passes. So, thus far, Ramsey has been less consistent than he was during last season. However, Ramsey leads the Assist tally for Euro 2016, alongside Eden Hazard, with 2 in the first 3 fixtures. Last Premier League season Ramsey managed just 4 assists in 29 (+2 substitute) appearances. Therefore, we can conclude from this data that Ramsey was a more consistent part of the Arsenal team that achieved 2nd place in the league but has provided a more vital role in Wales’ success in France this summer. Last season, Ramsey scored 5 goals for Arsenal in those 29(2) appearances but has already managed 1 in 3 in the Euros. Again, this indicates that although Ramsey is a good player for Arsenal, he plays a much more key role in his national team than on club level. It is likely that this is just a matter of circumstance but we can’t help but wonder if he were to play a more attacking role for Arsenal, he might just achieve greater successes.

So, what does this mean for Aaron next season? Firstly, it’s worth noting that several national newspapers and football sources have reported Mourinho’s interest in bringing Ramsey to Manchester United. I’m highly doubtful that Wenger would be willing to let such a key part of his squad join a rival team and Ramsey has shown no interest in leaving Arsenal, in contrast to how Robin van Persie was just before he joined United. As far as I’m concerned, unless a bank-breaking offer is received, Ramsey will remain a Gunner come September. What this does mean, if Wenger is paying attention to the Euros, as he should be, is we will hopefully see Ramsey play a more attacking role this season. Whether this means Wenger will experiment with Ramsey or Özil playing a more wide position and Wilshere and Xhaka occupying the centre is unknown, only time will tell.

However, there is a concern that with Özil featuring as our main Central Attack Midfielder and Wilshere/Xhaka playing as Central Midfielders, Ramsey might just have no place in the squad next season. If this is the case in Wenger’s mind, he may consider offloading Ramsey but if not, Ramsey provides excellent depth to the squad and can be used in-case Xhaka fails to make an impact or in the rare occurrence of Wilshere getting injured.

To conclude, Aaron has had a great spell in the Euros so far and may go a long way if Wales can keep up their form. There’s no doubt he’s a vital part of this Wales squad, in a very different way to how he benefits the Arsenal team. Providing he doesn’t leave, he could play a much more important part for Arsenal next season but alternatively could be left with a place warming the bench and left with no option but to leave.




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