Letter Urging Consideration for Russian World Cup 2018 Boycott and Portrayal of English Fans

Tuesday, June 14th – 2016


Letter Urging Consideration for Russian World Cup 2018 Boycott and Portrayal of English Fans

 Dear Right Honourable Sirs and Madams,

I am writing to you all having yesterday returned from the European Football Championships in France where I both witnessed and was subjected to barbaric scenes of football violence which I thought previously belonged only to dark days gone by or in fictitious films portraying hooliganism.

Whilst I have already been vigilant and pro-active in offering first-hand information to London’s Metropolitan Police, my purpose for writing to you personally is to make clear to you the very real threat to the safety of the global family of football fans that hosting a World Cup in Russia poses. Furthermore, I hope to correct the wildly inaccurate, and in cases I feel disingenuous, portrayal of the wholly ignominious events that unfolded in Marseilles on 12.06.16 by the mainstream media as well as relevant political and football authorities which I feel merely created a blanket of ignorance that will perpetuate the enormous and grave menace upon us.

Firstly, this letter doesn’t aim to form an emotive tribal blame game; I’m a young financial services worker with no agenda to protect the image of English football fans as any partisan association with hooliganism would lead to my immediate professional dismissal and, given potential reputational damage, I also would not write an open-letter had I engaged in any wrong-doing. I implore you to read this letter solely at its face value for the purpose of raising awareness of the facts, to able you to be best equipped to take the correct action to ensure the safety of global football fans and to employ common sense & decency through lobbying for boycotting the lamentable notion of holding a World Cup in Russia.

It was clear to me; having consumed no alcohol, the catalyst for Saturday’s unheralded violence was the execution of a highly detailed and well organised series of ambush and guerrilla attacks coordinated by greater than two-hundred and fifty (250) neo-Nazi Russian soldiers with support from many groups of local Marseille based hooligans. It is logically clear also, I must stress, that this abhorrent display of extreme nationalism and a warped sense proving gang-strength was not in any way a retaliation attack at English fans, but the result of a pre-planned war tactics.


At 15.05 (EST) as I searched for a restaurant in Marseille, I observed greater than two-hundred and fifty Russian extremist soldiers, many of whom wearing balaclavas and wielding weapons, marching from Quai des Belges in banks of five whilst yelling battle cries. The highly drilled Russian hooligans advanced entirely non-confronted by French police or well-spirited English fans in the Port’s corner, towards the congested and tightly compact street of Cours Jean Ballard at the foot of the hill. Upon entering this street the Russians, seemingly to me being entirely sober of alcohol, then unleashed their armament and clear physical prowess in a fit of monstrosity against the sat down English fans of which many were aged and showing no prior signs of aggression.

As the Russian Nazis, reported  to be wearing gum shields and crying “die, die, die”, soon dispersed leftwards towards Rue Saint-Saëns entirely uncontrolled by the local police, who were clearly more concerned by an English retaliation, posturing broke out between antagonised English fans, many of whom I saw now sporting brutal facial injuries, with groups of troublesome local French Marseille fans who began to throw chairs and bottles towards stunned fans – still no arrests seemed clear to me on those who had instigated the repugnant violence; a cartel of Russian and French violence merchants working in cahoots. I did, however, notice a young Englishman was correctly and immediately arrested by civilian clothed policeman for throwing a bottle in response as the Marseille fans also scarped leftwards before a poorly mobilised unit of French Riot Police emerged from the rightward entrance to Rue Saint-Saëns. Clearly ignorant to the situation having been around a corner, unless they’ve developed the ability to see through walls, the French police’s immediate & regrettably disproportionate reaction was to charge at the now heavily antagonised English fans dispersing teargas & letting loose the culprits.

From here carnage ensued. I don’t condone violence in any capacity but am confident that in this situation, having been treated like animals and under attack from the Russian and French hooligans as well as overzealous, poorly informed policemen, fans reacted by acting like animals.

The immense level of organisation and planning of the racist Russian soldiers and cooperation with French thugs has since become apparent from the chilling public video footage of ambush attacks with Marseilles fans using violence to encourage English fans to follow them up side streets around the Port where Russians waited. Calling cards are known to be been left and for those not wanting to engage in violence, exits to Marseilles’ historic Port have been reported to be strategically blocked by Russians. This, for many, was a case of ‘fight or flight’ with the latter option diluted due to well-placed thugs restricting exist up the hill and out of the Port.

The police soon lost control and Russians are known to have re-entered the Quai Di Reve Neuve street where many thousands of English fans had also been celebrating unaware of the prior trouble.  This isn’t the act of drunken football fans; clearly this was the display of premeditated violence from the alleged Kremlin-backed gangs through purchasing local knowledge and occupying military tactics such as using bottle-neck streets to support their inferior numbers.


I plead that you, if not already done, to research the uprising of ultra-right wing neo-Nazi cults in Russia; a country of estimated 70,000+ Nazis and where the proliferation of aluminium baseball bats now outstrips sales of baseballs four to one. The perpetrators of this past weekend’s barbarianism are members of known skinhead terrorist gangs such as the Slavic Union (SS). During a recent trial of a member of Russia’s National Socialist Organisation (NSO), Sergei Yurova, defendant, claimed a Russian skinhead: “is a person who loves their nation. To affirm our love for the nation I, together with other skinheads, went to football matches, went to fight with the fans of other football teams, and together with other skinheads beat people of non-Slavic appearance.”

These men with radical desires are members of terror-cell organisations with military training in firearms, hand to hand combat, marksmanship and knife fighting as well as being allegedly well-funded by the Russian government in return for their services to physically quash pro-democratic activists and competitors to the Kremlin.

They are a wild and ferocious frontier of modern age hooliganism which exploded out of the ruins of Post-Soviet Russia with a vicious reputation whilst England’s former hooligans are serving banning orders and are restricted from international travel.

Whilst clearly a despicable response, can we even be surprised that leading Russian political and law enforcement figures such as Vitaly Mutko, who evidently rallied his army of ‘fans’ onto heinous and vile acts in the stands, and Igor Lebedev have since denied any Russian wrong doing? And what of the ghastly and homophobic slurs accredited to senior police official, Vladimir Markin, who claimed the French police couldn’t contain the fans because they’re too used to controlling “gay parades”? Amongst the official Russian Delegation for Euro 2016 is Alexander Shprygin, employee of Lebedev, known famously for offering public displays of Nazi saluting – a man who by his own admission only wants to see ‘Slavic faces’ in the Russian national football team. It has been well reported by British media outlets that Russian government officials and members of its delegation offered ultras tickets and travel to the game.

In a country of managed nationalism where fifty five percent of its inhabitants believe in the saying ‘Russia for the Russians’, pro-Kremlin youth movements appointed by the President’s deputy Chief of Staff, such as Nashi, Young Guard & Russian Image with access to MMA training, are recruited into football hooligan gangs that hold wildly racist views, and have led to the deaths of journalists, lawyers and the almost daily attacks on non-Caucasian inhabitants of Russia.


As English fans gathered in bars around Marseilles’ Boulevard Michelet before kickoff, Marseilles ultras wearing masks and in small gangs pleaded to spark further controversy by throwing lit flares into large groups of English, Belgian and even, strangely, Dutch football fans – entirely undeterred by local policeman and without response from those seeking to enjoy the carnival.

It is the scenes, however, of a concoction of gargantuan negligence by French authorities and Russian savagery inside the stadium that will forever remain clear to me. As a flare gun erupted from the Golden Eagles’ end, a signal of attack echoed. Hundreds of Russians broke through the entirely non-policed segregation barrier, akin only to a flimsy bed sheet, charging with intent at an English audience including women and children. I witnessed hundreds of England supporters having to take dangerously large plunges over fences to escape the cruelty, only to be reportedly met by Russian hooligans waiting for them at the exits, similar to earlier in the Port.

To brandish these actions of equal ignominy by the English fans, some of which I am completely appalled and embarrassed by, and Russian soldiers, as has unfortunately been manifest in the actions of some football bodies as well as journalists, is setting a dangerous precedent.

As I navigated back to Baille through streets of red smoke & sprinting Russians, with the Metro down and only adding to the tension, noticing policeman in small groups laughing and chatting whilst not performing any duty in ensuring the safety of the public, I considered what the reaction in the UK may be. It made me feel sick to my stomach to find out Gary Lineker had tweeted: “You can talk about police provocation, or other fans causing trouble, but it only seems to happen where the English go.”

Through his ‘no smoke without fire’ condemnation of England fans, Lineker, clearly ignorant to the facts whilst seven-hundred and seventy four kilometres away in Paris, has set a dangerous mistruth in the minds of his audience of millions of non-attending match fans and officials. I felt this was nothing more than a sanctimonious middle-class confirmation bias peddled to those who feel better about themselves through believing working class Brits can’t behave abroad.

The grim reality is that these dangerous myths will only serve to improve the conditions for Russian terrorists to unleash their depths of evil on the wide ranging demographic of fans who will attend

Russia in two summer’s time. If we continue to advocate the preposterous notion that there was an equal level of sinister behaviour from the sets of fans, we become complacent to the research and prevention methods needed to be taken to curtail this disease within our human culture. We must not, also, promote such myths which alleviate culpability of the authorities of France; it’s policing and authorities which have been entirely negligent.

If a moderately sized group of Nazis from Russia, those which attained Schengen visas, can unleash such terror; I can only despair at predictions of the type of evils a much larger group, angered by the depression the sub-cultures of the Russian city’s outskirts breeds, will have immaculately prepared for visitors soon to be visitors to their back garden.

I humbly beg you do your upmost now to ensure that in 2018, the greatest spectacle of the Corinthian spirit of football remains the firm talking point for its global community. Let us not allow complacency or historical stereotypes leave us blindsided to the mobilisation of the minority who are certainly resolute in ruining it for us all.


Yours sincerely,

Andrew *****

Letter Addressed to:


  • The Right Honourable John Whittingdale, Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport
  • The Right Honourable Emily Thornberry, MP for Islington South
  • Greg Dyke, Chairman of the Football Association (England)
  • Gianni Infantino, President of FIFA
  • Malcolm Clarke, Chairman of the Football Supporters’ Federation



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5 Responses to “Letter Urging Consideration for Russian World Cup 2018 Boycott and Portrayal of English Fans

  • Cory Austen
    3 years ago

    Well said Andrew. I am very glad I read this as it confirms my suspicions as to the true events.

  • Thank you for providing such a clear and detailed account of events as you witnessed and experienced them. If only the media were interested in facts and truth rather than headlines that suit their self-serving agendas.
    I hope those that read this letter understand the importance of taking the information you have provided seriously and respond accordingly.

  • Shut your muppet mouth, you little whinge bag.

    “Evil Terrorists” lmao. You got the crap kicked out of you for being the snarling poseurs you are.

    While it may be unfair on individual English supporters – the entity that is “English football supporters” more than deserve a good kicking. No coincidence the Marsellaise and Russians were taking turns on you. 30 years of havoc and even today, a nasty disrespectful attitude as default, has earned you it.

    And when England fans trashed the place many times in the past ( and are at the centre of it yet again), was England banned form the tournament, banned from hosting tournaments? No.

  • Great letter – very reasoned and I believe based on hard and very worrying facts. Thank you.

  • They planned it way ahead, was attack on all soccer fans that just want to watch a match and support there teams without any violence. This was a cowardly planned attack.

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