Leicester City, Please Win The League!

Prior to a somewhat eventful last trip to the Boleyn Ground on Saturday, it’s fair to say that us Gooner’s still harboured hopes, albeit faint, of a dramatic title comeback. Unfortunately, the 3-3 draw has all but extinguished those hopes, and in reality have likely killed off any chance of us catching our North London rivals in second place.

At the final whistle, even the most optimistic fan accepted the likely outcome for the season, and we collectively switched allegiances to Leicester City in the race for the title! Anyone but Spurs!

When Jamie Vardy rounded Vito Mannone to seal Leicester’s 2-0 win at Sunderland, I celebrated a non-Arsenal goal far more than I can remember on any other occasion. Despite the lead currently being seven points and Claudio Ranieri’s men needing just three more victories to be assured of the title, part of me still fears that the crown could go to the wrong half of North London.

Although it will hurt to see Tottenham finish above Arsenal for the first time in over 20 years (something that given my age, I can’t even remember!), the pain will be nothing compared to the years of gloating we’ll have to incur should they somehow overturn Leicester’s seemingly unassailable lead.

Whatever happens from here on in, the situation within our own club remains the same; we have grossly underachieved. If ever there was a need for an example of Arsenal’s deficiencies, then Saturday’s draw achieved just that. To concede three goals was bad enough, but to allow a player as limited as Andy Carroll to score all of them from the exact same position at the back post was nothing short of criminal.

We’ve scored three goals at West Ham and Liverpool, two at Manchester United and Spurs, and yet remarkably have not won any of those games. Our Achilles’ heel remains at the back, and the lack of progress the team has made is frightening.

Our remaining games have assumed unimportance, a desperately depressing situation to be in with five games still to go. At the turn of the year, none of us would have predicted that. Despite the predictable collapse, the openness of the championship seemed to at least assure we would be there or there about come May.

And it is that simple fact that makes this season so hard to accept. In a season where we realistically could have been celebrating a fourth double, we’re going to be left empty handed. The criticism will continue to grow against Arsene Wenger and the way the club is run, and this is of course completely justified. But with just two points separating us and Manchester City, there is still a job to do to secure third.

And while there is even the faintest hope of catching Spurs and celebrating yet another St Totteringham’s Day, we have to keep fighting. Five wins would keep the pressure firmly on that horrible club, and with an easier run-in on paper, it is not beyond the realms of possibility. Perhaps wishful thinking, but we need something to cling onto in order to make the final few games bearable.

Arsenal Football Club have a message for you, Leicester City. From the bottom of our hearts, please don’t mess this up now! End this fairytale season in the way that the story deserves, with Wes Morgan lifting the famous trophy aloft!

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