The last 5 seasons has seen a recurring theme emerge where a host of Arsenal players pick up injuries simultaneously resulting in crisis and a noticeable loss of form. Our injury problems haven’t been completely eradicated however the way we’ve been able to handle them is much improved. Contrary to previous seasons where our injury problems have either plunged us into a desperate battle for 4th or completely ended our chances at the title, Our Arse sits firmly at the top of the pole despite losing key players  and suffering a spanking here or there (cough cough Southampton). So why have we been able to perform so much better during our injury trouble this season?


One of the main reasons we’ve been able to better absorb injuries to key players this term is because we’ve had fewer injuries and the length of said injuries are far shorter than in previous years. From the beginning of the season to the end of December we’ve had 27 injuries compared to the 49 that we had in the corresponding time period last season. This alone greatly explains why we’ve been more able to cope with injuries. Simply put we’ve had a lot less.

The average duration of our injuries has also gone down this season meaning that we can rely on our starting players to play more games. Evaluating days lost per injury is less straightforward however. If you look at the numbers in their entirety then it appears that we’ve actually not fare as well with the average days per injury this season tallying 36 days in comparison to last seasons 26. Looking at these figures would make you think that we’ve actually gotten far worse however they are somewhat distorted by 2 anomalous figures.

  • Danny Welbeck’s injury was incurred last season and has gone 224 days into this season
  • Thomas Rosicky’s injury was incurred on international duty before he returned for preseason, lasting for 211 days.

If you remove these two outliers from the sample and recalculate we get an average days per injury figure of 23 (when you round it up). This is far more representative of our teams true average injury length and if you want to fudge the numbers a bit more you can remove another possible outlier in Wilshere and you get a figure of 17 days per injury.


A key factor that has enabled us to deal better with injuries this term has been our improved squad depth combined with a more versatile squad. In seasons past there was often a part of our Arse that wasn’t fully reinforced. For large parts of last season we were severely lacking at center back, defensive midfield and upfront. We fixed these gaps in our squad using a combination of additions to our squad as well as training our current players in new positions.


In the past year we’ve added Gabriel to add much-needed depth to the center of our defence. 3 players have also broken into our first team (Coquelin, Bellerin and Campbell) whilst less established players such as Iwobi and Jeff are knocking furiously at the door. Furthermore plays such as Ramsey, Walcott, Chambers, Gibbs and Oxlade Chamberlain have shown themselves to be invaluable assets due to their versatility, enabling us to cover a wider array of positions without needing to make significant additions to the squad. This added Arse supplements has allowed us to better rotate our squad further decreasing the likeliness of incurred Arse pains.



It wouldn’t be fair if i wrote an article about our improvement in relation to dealing with injuries and forgot to give big Shad a shout out. Although it’s difficult for a common fan to understand the intricacies of a fitness coach’s impact, the numbers certainly don’t lie.  Since being given the monumental role of maintaining our Arse’s well being we’ve had less injuries and the days per injury has also decreased. We’ve gone from losing 2084 days to injury the year preceding his arrival to 1827 after his first year. This season we seem on course to further improve on that with our tally up to the end of December totalling 909 compare to 1164 in the corresponding period last year; down 22%. Shad’s arrival has resulted in a change in strategy when dealing with fitness and mistakes that were once made regarding player fitness are no more. You know what they say. “the greatest wealth is a healthy Arse”. It seems like our brand new Arse of steel is proving the case.

CAMM ONN BOYS our Arse is primed for causing all sorts of suffering to our rivals. I cant wait to see what comes from it.




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