WBA 2 Arsenal 1 – Counting the cost

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Where do I even start? Coquelins injury? Artetas own-goal? Cazorlas slip? The fact is that everything that could go wrong, DID go wrong. What does that have to say about our title credentials? Especially now that Coquelin is facing a 3 month injury lay-off, that should just about dent our title hopes massively. Should a backup DM have been in place? I’ll leave that one up for debate.

Giroud's opener from another Ozil assist did not prove to be the start of things to come

Giroud’s opener from another Ozil assist did not prove to be the start of things to come


Why don’t I put some positivity in what has been an otherwise disheartening performance. The way that we responded after Coquelin had to go off, was great with a Giroud goal, thanks to yet another assist (also a record breaker- worth mentioning) by Özil.

After that though, we just seemed to have taken the foot off the gas as we allowed West Brom back to the game. Then after, Arteta put the third nail in the coffin by turning the ball into his own net. Honestly, what on earth was he thinking?

But we did starter the second half brightly, especially with an opportunity to equalise from Özil, but that was scuffed just wide of the post. However, the best chance went to Campbell after and assist from Cazorla, but he fluffed his lines. Arguably, that was without doubt the best chance of the half.

Towards the end of the game, we won a penalty after a foul in the box by Brunt. Cazorla stepped up to take the penalty… and slipped. That effectively put the final nail in the coffin in a harrowing loss. And to be honest, the less said about THAT penalty, the better.

Santi skies a late penalty and with it AFC's chances of getting a draw

Santi skies a late penalty and with it AFC’s chances of getting a draw

So, with a crucial, CRUCIAL, Champions League tie against Dinamo Zagreb coming up on Tuesday, we really do have to buck up our ideas.

But what did we learn from this loss? Is it time Arteta called it a day? Has time run out for Joel Campbell to show what he’s worth?

Well, this match has left me counting the cost of injuries we’ve suffered already, and its no good saying we’ve should’ve reinforced [in certain areas] in the summer. But if we “did”, then we wouldn’t be in this “situation”. But each to their own I guess.


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