Why Rosicky’s injury is no laughing matter

Tomas Rosicky has been ruled out for another 4-8 weeks by the Czech Republic’s FA according to Czech Press. He missed out on Arsenal’s pre-season campaign due to a knee injury but was expected to make a return soon with Arsene Wenger claiming that he is on a ‘progressive recovery‘, however it no longer seems that that is the case.After re-emerging as an important player at Arsenal a few years ago, Tomas Rosicky found his role for the North London club quite limited last season.
Another injury setback is nothing to smile about

Another injury setback is nothing to smile about

He first made a start in Arsenal’s first and only Capital One Cup match last season against Southampton back in early September, but found himself out of the Gunner’s starting XI for a while after that. He finally started in a Premier League match against London rivals QPR over 3 months later and managed to play more regularly for a while after that, but the emergence of Santi Cazorla as a CM and return of Mesut Ozil from injury saw him being pushed out of the first team.
In fact, he went on to play only 28 minutes after the start of March, being left out of the squad for the majority of the games including the FA cup victory over Aston Villa.Most fans were expecting Rosicky to be let go of, but Arsene Wenger took up the option to extend the contract of the Czech player for another season.
However, Rosicky seemed unsatisfied with his lack of playing time. “Since Arsene Wenger took the option in my contract, I haven´t been even on the bench. I am laughing but it´s not funny,” said Rosicky speaking to Karel Häringback in June.He did however, as usual, state that he was willing to fight for his place; “It is frustrating but I am a professional. Even if you lose your place you must be still prepared because the situation can change.”Unfortunately breaking into the side would have been no easy feat with Aaron Ramsey, Jack Wilshere, Mesut Ozil and Santi Cazorla battling it out for the central roles so having to come back from a major injury and then finding a way into the team would seem unlikely.
In fact, Arsenal’s bench against West Ham consisted of Alexis Sanchez, Calum Chambers, David Ospina, Gabriel, Kieran Gibbs, Mikel Arteta and Theo Walcott, none of whom one would expect to be out of the squad. With further additions of Danny Welbeck and Hector Bellerin who are set to return from injury to the team soon, getting into the Arsenal squad unless multiple simultaneous injuries occur would be even harder for Rosicky when he does comes back.
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The Little Mozart is a fighter and a fan favourite

But one can never rule out yet another return for the Czech, especially with Arsenal’s past injury record. He’s a fighter and a fan favourite, and is well known to make the most out of the opportunities he is given so one can expect that the midfielder will end up helping the North London club in some capacity this season.
While he’s soon to be turning 35, if his last appearances are anything to go by, he is still a quality player. Even if he wouldn’t be used as a starter, he could still be useful coming on late when more control is needed and there are few players better than Rosicky at changing the tempo of the game.In fact, in a game such as the premier league opening loss at the Emirates where Arsenal were at times struggling to string passes together or pressure West Ham at all, a player like Rosicky in the midfield to up the tempo of the game and add fluidity to Arsenal’s play would have been invaluable. Moreover, his sudden bursts to take on defenders, cunning passes and menacing shots have always been a threat to the opposition.The goal against Tottenham a while back is edged into the minds of Arsenal fans forever, and his no-look pass followed by a goal against Brighton last season is another example of what Rosicky could add to the North London side.


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