Have no fear, Sanogo is nearly here!

There’s not much to go by on apart from a few clips on YouTube and promising stats on Football Manager, but Arsene Wenger has invested a lot of hope unto U21’s French International, Yaya Sanogo – and I suspect this investment will be further highlighted in January when we don’t purchase another striker.

“WHAT?!”, I hear you cry as you dangle yourself from your window threatening me with suicide, “SAY IT ISN’T SO!”. Calm yourselves down, for I envisage a fruitful and successful future for our young postman that never was.

Le Prof came out earlier this week and said how, “Hopefully [Sanogo] will help us in the second part of the season”, and I for one will not flare my nostrils and throw a strop at this seemingly dire news. Because while it may seem absurd to buy into Wenger’s idea that an injury prone youngster from Auxerre will provide worthy competition to our Handsome French Bloke, you can’t but help trust the words of our supreme leader. He’s done it many times before throughout the years, developing young players into world beaters, and this season round, even our central midfielders are starting to pop em’ in.

Due for a return from injury sometime in January, Sanogo’s absence will have to be substituted with Walcott and Podolksi providing considerable back up for Giroud up front. How successful they’ll be remains to be see, but I wouldn’t bet against them netting 10-15 goals between themselves up until then. And when that time finally does arrive, I genuienly believe we’ll have a lethal weapon in Yaya.

In terms of physic, he resembles a Dzeko and Benteke, who use their large and powerful bodies to out-power defenders and get on goal. Additionally, I think Arsene will relish the oppurtunity to mould Yaya in his own image, something that he has tried to do to Olivier Giroud (quite successfully), though Olivier is 27 and at the peak of his career. Pin point accurate passing and quick movement will be bred into the young man’s mentality, which when accompanied by power and brute force, will provide Arsenal with a ready to go replacement for Giroud when that day sadly arrives. Until then though, although a proven striker coming in to back up Giroud, and only to back up (refer to my other article here), wouldn’t be a bad thing, I still believe with Podolski, Walcott, Chamberlain and Sanogo still to return that we should in theory be fine in the striker department.

And that brings me unto Nicklas Bedtner. Ah Nicklas. You were the prototype experiment of Mr. Wenger that Giroud has finally brought to fruition. Such a waste of talent, thrown away by naivety and sheer stupidity. The drunk driving, door smashing and total disrespect could so easily have been avoided if only you’d kept your head down and worked hard. Of course, I could go on and bitch some more but there really isn’t any point. Despite the well taken goal and general good link up play he showcased on Wednesday night against Hull City Pussy Cats, there’s still an unsettling feeling at the pit of my stomach that something even more silly is waiting around the corner. Another comical chapter to be written in the book of Bedtner, that will further erode any chance of a new contract. For now though, he wears the red and white of The Arsenal and we have no choice but to stick by him and show support, even if it is peppered with a bit of anger and cheeky banter.

Danish Samurai aside, the future looks bright for Arsenal, and I am of the opinion that young Yaya Sanogo will be an important cog in that joy spewing machine.



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2 Responses to “Have no fear, Sanogo is nearly here!

  • Praying Sanogo does not become another Diaby. He’s like a lottery ticket for someone that might come good in 1 or 2 years. I dont think we need a lone striker type… Giroud #1 and Sanogo/Bendtner as #2 is fine; what we need is a second striker type; someone that can play out wide and come inside. Do the Podolski job with a bit more flair and technical ability; Suarez would be the dream.

    Maybe Draxler next year? I liked the idea of getting that French U21 world cup winner from Marseille… he looks like someone not afraid to have a shot.

    • Draxler is a good shout and so is Thauvin. Personally though, I’ve always been an avid admirer of The Walcott, and I harbour high hopes that the lad will become a lethal striker in the near future.

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