Why buying big in January would probably work against us

It’s already been hailed countless times by Gooner’s all over the world that this season could be our first chance to genuinely challenge for silverware in 8 or so years. Winning the title would not only be the most realistic shot at us winning a trophy, but I reckon it’s also the accolade Wenger wants most this season. We’ve spent big and we’ve spent wisely and changed the way we are seen as a club, and the fact that Arsenal are the only club with stability in terms of manager, it’s no surprise we’re all so optimistic. So why not cement our current great form and strengthen our hopes of winning the title by buying big in January? Well, for a number of reasons.

The biggest and most handsome of these reasons is in the form of Olivier Giroud. Having got off to a good start, scoring 17 and assisting 13 in his first year at Arsenal in all competitions, he has showed promise of breaking those stats this season with 10 goals and 5 assists in 19 appearances. More importantly though, any eagle eyed football enthusiast will tell you just how important Giroud has become to this Arsenal team. Sure enough, both Aaron Ramsey and Jack Wilshere came out earlier this week to praise the big Frenchmen’s role in the squad’s recent fine form. I for one agree and I’ll even go as far as to say he’s one of the top centre forwards in the whole of Europe at the moment in respect to the type of player he is.

I presume most of you might be a little puzzled right now, so allow me to explain myself. So far, the primary criticisms about Giroud are regarding his pace and ability to create a goal out of nothing. What people seem to forget though is that we have a large abundance of pacey, creative and dangerous midfielders/wingers who require Giroud’s presence to become effective with what they offer. You’ve probably heard it countless times, but Giroud is the focal point of our attack and his hold up play seems to be getting better by the game. Think of him as a sort of offensive enabler, somewhat in the same light as a holding midfielder allows midfielders to rush forward, so too does Giroud when we’re searching for a goal.

Giroud’s pivotal role on the offense combined with his aerial ability (both offensively and defensively), work rate, first shot technique and downright handsomeness, to me at least, means that he’s the right man to win us the league. ‘But buying a world class striker will provide him with competition and only make him better!’ I hear you shout. Well, that’s where I think many people are wrong too. I believe quite the contrary would happen. In fact I think it’d send a totally wrong message out to the rest of the squad, especially the youngsters and fringe players. With the emergence of Aaron Ramsey as a Welsh Jesus, the vast majority of us have to put our hands up and proudly utter the words: “Wenger knows best”. So then, if Le Professor says that we should trust him on Yaya Sanogo coming good, I suggest we do. We don’t want The Arsenal becoming another Chelsea or Manchester City where we constantly buy players for the sake of buying them. We’ll not only lose our status as a classy club, but we’d also alienate our young players looking for a chance to showcase their talent. That isn’t to say however that we shouldn’t ever spend big; just that it should be a very calculated and thought out procedure where we take into account squad depth, balance and youth development. With this in mind, it doesn’t make sense to go out there and spend £30-£50 million on a striker, especially not in January. And even if we did, who could we possibly go for? Lewandowksi? Suarez? Michu? Benteke?

Whatever your shout is, I don’t think getting any ‘big’ money player in January would do us any favours. If anything we should go in for somebody up and coming and hungry, but even then, would they offer anything different to what Podolski, Walcott and Sanogo do? I’m not so sure they would. But then again, a lot can happen in 1 month, and the majority of my opinion on whether we should spend big dosh on a striker in January or not is based on the hope that Walcott & Podolski can provide worthy backup for Giroud. Whatever the case may be one month from now, one thing’s for certain; that katana wielding Dane with a homeless man’s beard needs to go.

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8 Responses to “Why buying big in January would probably work against us

  • Dwi Saputra
    6 years ago

    yes we do need another striker. we need to be ruthless, there are so many changes in the games. we have world class midfield that can create a lot of changes.

    • Hey DwiSaputra, I appreciate you taking the time to comment, thanks. And I agree with you, we need to be ruthless! And we do need another striker, just probably not in January haha

  • I see your point but don’t totally agree, you are right about what he lacks but I’m willing to forgive his pace for he works extremely hard, something I really admire. then we talk about ability to produce a goal out of nothing, we don’t really have any player who can do that except you want to credit Ramsey with such abilities. There are games where a striker who can beat a couple of defenders and lace one home. Can’t remember any spectacular Giroud goal for us. He doesn’t even beat defenders so he lacks that killer instinct and fear factor Rvp, Aguero, Falcao and likes give you. I believe Lewandoski does everything Giroud does better and has more to his game except for the extreme hardwork which I believe merits Giroud his place. if I had money and could buy anyone to strike for me, would Giroud be in my top 10? not really but he is a good lad, so if we can improve a certain category beyond what we have then why not?

    • Hey, firstly thanks for taking the time to read the article and reply, Stan, means a whole lot.

      Secondly, I can see where you’re coming from about Giroud not having that killer instinct, but I’d have to disagree, I think he has it in abundance and can only really channel it through the talent that he has available to him, i.e first touch ability.

      The goal against the sp*ds this season had an air of killer instinct to it; Giroud just sort of pounced on it first time. Even last season during the 5-2 victory, both goals he scored showed how tenacious he can be.

  • Dwi Saputra
    6 years ago

    If Giroud got injured or got stuck in the pitch, we need somebody who can come in and make the difference. I know that the goals can come also from midfield, but we really need depth on our attacking option. Giroud has great physical and so far shown his motivation in every games. But he is not machine who can perform well from game to game. And as of now, we had Bendtner only as option. And as we know, when he came to the pitch then we start to play with 10 men.
    So to me, striker is a MUST in January.

  • Plymouth Gooner
    6 years ago

    I don’t think we should replace Giroud, but I do think we need a player better than Bendtner and more suited to the lone striker role than Podolski/Walcott to cover.

    We have strength in depth all over the park, but an injury to or suspension for Giroud could put a huge dent in our title challenge.

    • I’d probably go for Michu. He’s a decent player, and at Arsenal I reckon he’d be clinical. Decent back up for Giroud while at the same time will keep him on his toes.

      Thanks for the comment mate!

  • Great article.

    The “striker” that we need isn’t a “like for like” backup or competition for Giroud. I cant see us playing with Giroud and Benzema, for example, so signing him would be a waste. We have back up options… for now, we have to live with Bendtner, and hopefully, Sanogo comes good and develops behind Giroud over the next few years (he is a long term project).

    What I think we really need is a different kind of striker… someone that can play in one of the wide position as a compliment to Giroud and reliably grab us goals. Suarez would have been the ultimate signing. Maybe between the likes of Podolski/Walcott/Chamberlain/Gnabri we already have that in the team. But I still think we can add quality in that department… if we don’t get one in January, I’d like to see us go for Draxler or Thauvin (he was very impressive for OM when he came on… 3 shots), because with Giroud being more of a link player than an out and out finisher, we need a little more scoring power from our other midlfield positions.

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