Welcome Back Saturdays


Well Thank Feck for Saturday!

Welcome back lads. Can’t wait to see you resplendent in sartorial elegance, dripping in Lanvin. Thank you for refocusing our minds on the only issue that matters, 3 points

Welcome back Saturdays.  No more cut sleeves, we can park the talk about stadium surveys and the rest of the silly little squabbles between highly sensitive Gooners.

Welcome back to the pregame superstitions. The lucky (and slightly ill-fitting) pants/Bras, the lucky jerseys and hats


paddy lucky

Slightly grubby, slightly tight, a staple pregame superstition

Welcome back Holloway Road Underground. How I’ve missed you fcuking up my journeys

Welcome back my brethren. Brothers & Sisters in Arms who’ll join me on that arduous journey of discovery seeking out the holy grail: the most stress-free route to the ground

Welcome back the pre-game rituals, that barmaid/barman who always serves you before the game (win lose or draw but you force yourself to believe this has an effect on the outcome), the pregame grub, be it a fry up, burger or, the Pie Legend Menu at Piebury Corner

A gooner never marches on an empty stomach

A Gooner never marches on an empty stomach


Welcome back finickity stewards. Yes you lot, who stand there like traffic wardens in your florescent ready to penalise a supposedly errant supporter

Welcome back Mark Clattenburg. As refs go you’re generally sound as a pound. Grossly & unfairly accused by Chelsea last year for using racist language. We’re a more cultured bunch at The Arsenal

Welcome DatGuyWelbz. You’ve gone from Pariah to Messiah in the eyes of us Gooners. Probably made the Quantum Leap to world class level without kicking a ball in earnest. But we love you!

Welé, Welbeccio, Welbinho he's Dat Guy

Welé, Welbeccio, Welbinho he’s Dat Guy


Welcome back Gunnersaurus!

Welcome back Abou. Yes even you get a mention, such is my relief we return to matters domestic. Seeing you emerge like a new signing [yet again] is like seeing Mr Burns defy footballing mortality

Welcome back football! That air of anticipation, that feeling in your stomach, those images and sounds of a breezy September Saturday in N5. That warmth of feeling gathered among the faithful

Just another Saturday at the Arsenal

Can’t wait for the madness to begin.

Up the Arsenal!


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