Verminator: I’ll be back or Hasta La Vista? That is the question

vermaelenThe news Thomas Vermaelen has committed his immediate future to Arsenal and moved to calm fears he was angling for a January move
“Personally, I’m still confident I can play for this club and every chance I get I will do a job,” Vermaelen said. “Yes, my future is at Arsenal. At the moment there is no story. I’m not talking about it. It’s now November, but any moment things can happen. If they do, I’m ready and I’m not thinking about anything else.”, he said.

Words that should finally put to bed any more stupid rumours of his departure. I always thought it would serve little good moving at that time. Moving midseason is always a risky affair, starting from scratch at a time when the games come think n fast, getting to know your colleagues, new tactics, formations, etc.  And then there’s the challenge of actually starting in the team. Of course these things can go both ways but, I’m glad he’s decided to accept the challenge here.
What does slightly concern me are the “At the moment there is no story” & “But any moment things can happen” bits.
Reading between the lines and making 25 from 2 + 2, I wonder if his agent had his ear at this moment? Does that mean if anything concrete were to surface his stance may change?

There is no doubt anyone of his quality would be concerned that he’s not getting much playing time, you want your players to be banging down the manager’s door insisting on playing. It must be especially disconcerting for him being the Club Captain and increasingly worrying that with the World Cup appearing over the horizon he’s behind Kompany & Vertonghen in the Belgium set up. But his performances had been in decline for some time. It all came to a head at Shite Fart Lane last season. No, he wasn’t the only one culpable for that defeat. Mertesacker was bambi on ice and Monreal showed he had a poor understanding of defensive set-up as well. Maybe it was the injury problems that contributed to his indifferent performances? Maybe Wenger & Bould noticed in training he wasn’t at it? Maybe his focus waned because of the mass exodus but, whatever the reasons were, things are different now.
His display on Sunday suggests he’s ready to rediscover that consistency of performance he showed in his first season which prompted fans to christen him the ‘Verminator’. On Sunday he was solid if not spectacular. He was focused. He certainly wasn’t going to permit RvP the VIP privileges he allowed last season.

I think he’s arguably our most talented CB & can return to the beast he was in that 1st season. But Kos/Per make an excellent pair. TV5’s chance will come. There will be plenty of games over festive period, which means there’ll be tired bodies in need of rotation.
If he decides to leave in summer so be it.  It would be a shame but… hey ho life goes on. Pick up Winston Reid or that kid Gentner. We should only want players who want to play for the club. Ozil’s spectacular capture shows we’re turning a corner.  Exciting times lie ahead. Stay and be a part of it… Or go.

The choice is yours Thomas.



Up the Arsenal!


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