Arsene caught cold by “Arsenal Man”

Olivier GiroudSo we came, we saw, we didn’t really do ourselves justice.
Sunday was supposed to be the day we finally exorcised the ghost of that 8-2 humiliation. The day we confirmed #MoyesIn was more than just a trending twitter fad. The day we properly announced our reemergence on the title scene.

The vibes going into the game from fans to fanzines to blogs and podcasts was that our irresistible force would smash United’s stuttering champions. The prevailing winds seemed to favour our course. Chelsea stumbled to a late draw with the aid of a poor ref decision. Totterngum and Man City were felled by unlikely Geordie heroes.
I was no different. I predicted a draw at the minimum if not an Arsenal victory. On twitter I posted pics of famous victories at OT from the infamous on pitch brawl to Wiltord’s league winning strike back in 2002.
Surely this was our moment.
Then, inexplicably rumour started seeping through the vine about a mysterious bug had struck down a few players. I continued to tweet the same team as had beaten Dortmund… “No mate,” came the reply “Per’s out, so is Rosicky”
What?! Serious? When?
News of their omission now came tumbling through social media like St Jude Storm but, peeps still believed TV5 arguably our most talented centre half would not leave any noticeable degradation in that department.
Rosicky’s omission meant The Flame would return to bolster our superior midfield.
We had Giroud leading from the front, Ozil ready to assist and Rambo on fire. First Blood would be ours.
Hope, though trying to muscle in, did not outmanoeuvre Expectation.

The game began with the expected ManU onslaught. Frenzied attacks orchestrated by Rooney and Kagawa were repelled with some ease by our defensive setup. The infamous 20 minute mark passed without any major incident then, just as I began to ease into my seat BANG!
None other than Him. Scoring his 3rd goal against us. The commentator said something about if he’s an Arsenal man he has a funny way of showing it. Wenger should’ve known that comment would come back to bite him in the Arsenes..
As He wheeled away, arms aloft, baring teeth my only thought was why him? Anyone but him.
Funnily enough it didn’t cross my mind what he’d said all those moons ago about never celebrating if he scored against us. Thinking about it I remember when he scored in the same fixture last season the abuse he got from our fans. He’s not our player any more so I couldn’t care less how he chooses to celebrate.  If you can dish it out then be prepared to take it too…. so long as he didn’t do an Ade.
Not that I care much. He’s a traitor. And, in the words of Tony Soprano, “he’s dead to me”.
Just like the fella who did the same thing 30 odd years ago, who’s name escapes me, wait, it’ll come to me…. that’s it Fred Stapleford!
Him scoring and celebrating was as I expected. His name is JUDAS, not JESUS.  JUDAS took his 30 pieces and decided he didn’t want to turn the other cheek.

Most of the rest of the game was a montage of mistimed, misplaced passes. Choking as we reached their penalty area. Playing with the handbrake on. To me it looked like we’d used the wrong fuel.
We seemed consumed by an inferiority complex. Wenger said we were “nervous”. Why? What did he tell them in the dressing room moments before they were to enter battle?
Despite the number of leaders we had in the team all except Sagna seemed to suffer from stage fright.
Here was a United team a far cry from their pomp. We’d beaten a superior Dortmund side and dispatched Liverpool SAS et al. Even with the influenza bug we should’ve put in a more confident display.
As it was folks reflected philosophically we’d rallied at the end and deserved a draw (how  I’m not sure?). We lost to a poor Manc outfit (what did it say about us…?)
One sentiment I do agree with is it’s not a disaster. Our response must be decisive. On the evidence of how we’ve responded to defeats this season you’d have to worry for Southampton.

We’re still two points clear. They all know we mean business. The game is well and truly afoot.

Up The Arsenal.

Gooner Ramble

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