Us & Them. One Club. Two Factions.

stewards-2No. Not the WOB vs WKB. I’m talking about ‘us’ the fans and ‘them’ the club.
Once again the club enforced a double standard policy allowing the away support to do as they please whilst the home support was policed.
Stewards were seen littered amongst the Block 19 section ensuring playful banter was not encouraged.
“if you continue to engage the away fans you will be arrested” a tweet from @dandeamer as warned by a steward.
Another said a steward apologised for having to police him, don’t shoot the messenger is the phrase that comes to mind. And that steward is right. They’re only doing a job as directed from the powers that be to stop singing, sit down and shut up.
RedActionAFC have found the club are unwilling to engage in constructive dialogue about ways of generating more atmosphere yet, other clubs seem more willing to adopt a singing section.
At the palace game last weekend the Holmesdale Fanatics sang and banged their drums pretty much throughout the entire encounter. CPFC having realised the major success of the HF at Wembley agreed to it being a staple for home games throughout their PL campaign.
Man United experimented with their own new singing section for the UCL game against Real Sociedad recently and was given a resounding thumbs-up by Manager David Moyes for helping to create the intimidating atmosphere experienced at away games in Europe.
If the club feel it’s potentially troublesome to be near to the away section why not have it somewhere in the upper tier where it’s safe and affects no one else?

So why can’t we? Why should the theatre goers and corporates hold sway as to what kind of environment the majority of fans want to experience? If other clubs are toying with the idea why can we not as well? The design of the stadium which was trumpeted to the world as being at the forefront of capturing that ‘ambience’ is not being utilised to its full effect. It’s little wonder some of our following refer to it as a ‘soulless bowl’ (a term I think is overplayed somewhat)
Our ground could, given license be one of the great intimidating stadia in the world.
Whilst the faithful want more Welcome to the TerrorDome the Club seems content with more Welcome to the LatteDome…

Gooner Ramble

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